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More on FutureScape 248

Set up by Shivvy Jervis to respond to the surging demand for for her bespoke advisory on navigating digital technologies, FutureScape 248 Ltd focuses on advisory to organisations, startups and government on ‘sustainable innovation’ – the advances that will go the distance and create meaningful impact.

Together with her team of researchers, she takes on custom projects to guide organisations on how best to integrate the most powerful tech advances from the Digital Economy. She focuses on going beyond standard definitions of ‘innovation’, emphasising that we can demonstrate innovation via just not new products, but new thinking, fresh strategy, novel way of working.

Advisory includes:
  • Production of custom thought leadership around future technologies
  • Introductions to the best and brightest undiscovered startups worth partnering with
  • Masterclasses and workshops on digital transformation
  • Creation of future-forward user experiences to help transform businesses.

From emotive AI interfaces to new forms of cyber security, Shivvy’s work shapes some of the largest companies in the world, and some of the most intimate innovation labs.

Reach out directly to Shivvy to explore collaboration.

(FutureScape 248 Companies House Registered Number 10998638)